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Lesson learned – check your ammunition

July 31, 2014

Last week I went to a range to test recently acquired S&W Model 36 revolver. Previously I did a complete disassembly and cleaning of this revolver down to the last spring (except the trigger assembly that was speckless). After the reassembly, the dry firing and gap measurments indicated proper functionality and parts fit. However during firing 3rd or 4th cylinder at the range I got a cylinder lockup and was unable to pull the trigger or open the cylinder. Careful pull on the hammer spur and push on the cylinder latch allowed me to open the cylinder and eject rounds and shells. Inspection of the revolver revealed no visible issues. However, upon inspecting ejected unfired rounds, I saw that one shell had a circular shaving of brass wrapped in the milled channel that is close to the bottom lip (see picture of where it was). I am guessing that the shaving prevented proper siting of the round in the cylinder and also got the star stuck. The next 150 rounds went off just fine and there were no issues with the revolver function. Ammunition used was practice line from a well known and reputable manufacturer whose ammunition I have used extensively with no prior issues. This made it obvious to me that going forward I will need to take at least a cursory look at the practice ammunition casings and a very close look at those slotted for personal defense.